About Bain Capital Private Equity

Since the founding of the Tokyo office, Bain Capital has taken a differentiated investment approach from other global private equity firms.

Our team of experienced investment professionals, combined with our Portfolio Group, is one of the largest in Japan. We leverage our deep understanding of the Japanese market to partner with portfolio companies to help them reach their full potential.

Bain Capital is more than an investor. Through long-term partnership, we aim to help our portfolio companies grow. We not only support businesses during the investment period but we also provide support with the future in mind.

Mission of the Bain Capital Tokyo office

We are committed to creating sustainable value within each of our portfolio companies by transforming organizations, acquiring unmatched competitiveness, building strong organizations and breaking through in the global market.

We aspire to become the most trusted partner for each of our investors by discovering unique investment opportunities, executing regulated and visible investment activities and generating strong returns.

We will contribute to society through our corporate activities by contributing to industries and the economy of Japan and the world and expanding our investment opportunities and assets. We will contribute to society through our corporate activities.

A leading track record in Japan’s private equity industry

Bain Capital’s primary objective is to be the partner of choice for Japanese businesses with great potential for growth. We help businesses improve their competitive position by expanding into new products, services and markets, growing productivity and strengthening their operations.

We not only pursue capital returns, but mid- to long-term growth of our portfolio companies. Ultimately, we believe our growth-oriented model results in stronger businesses that employ the best people, are socially responsible and deliver strong returns over the long-term to all stakeholders.

In today’s environment, many Japanese businesses are being asked to make quick business decisions not just domestically but also globally to satisfy multinational clients and gain competitive advantage. We believe that our extensive resources, expertise, and knowledge of Japan as well as our fully integrated global team represents significant advantage to our portfolio companies.

About Japan Middle Market: Helping Japan’s medium-sized businesses achieve their full potential through partnership with Bain Capital

To bring out the full potential of Japan’s medium-sized businesses, we think it is essential for them to have a strategic partner.

Based on this idea, we established Japan Middle Market in 2021, to invest in and partner with domestic medium-sized businesses in Japan. Like Bain Capital’s other businesses, including our Asian funds, Japan Middle Market is managed as part of our globally integrated platform. However, this is the first time Bain Capital has established a business dedicated to a specific country.

Track Record in Japan

We are one of Japan’s largest private equity teams and have helped drive the growth of medium-size businesses through partnership.

Global Platform

The Japan team leverages the global Bain Capital platform to share and utilize expertise and experience in industries, portfolio companies and investing to drive growth.

Value Creation

Since our founding, we have focused on taking a consulting approach to working with portfolio companies, a unique approach when compared to other private equity firms around the world. This consulting heritage has taken root in the Japan Middle Market business, allowing our Portfolio Group to better understand the systems and approaches of Japanese businesses, and to help formulate strategies and drive growth.

Bain Capital’s Investment Style

  • Corporate carve-outs: Bain Capital has a strong track record of carve-outs in Japan. We believe that the carve-out is an extremely effective approach to pursue competitiveness and growth for both the parent and the carved-out business.
  • Take-private: We get rid of demanding pressures from activists and general stockholders by taking the company private and supporting fundamental business transformation for long-term growth.
  • Business continuity: In Japan, where many businesses have long lives, business continuity led by founders is critical for both the business and for Japanese society. We provide support to enhance long-lasting corporate values and build infrastructure that will be passed on to the next generation.
  • Joint investment: We have been a partner of choice by various businesses for joint investments, from large companies to medium-sized businesses. As a leader in mergers and acquisitions, we promise to provide end-to-end support from joint investment to PMI after investment.
  • Growth capital: Through fundraising for business growth, finding top talent and leveraging our global network of experts, we help fast growing businesses realize their full potential.

Bain Capital’s Investment Process

Project sourcing
We leverage the network we have built over 15+ years of investment activities in Japan, the global Bain Capital Network, partnerships and resources to help our portfolio companies realize their full potential.
Execution of Due Diligence
We conduct thorough due diligence and analysis to understand market opportunities, competitors and possible M&A opportunities. We work together with management teams to drive management philosophy, draft strategies and build organizations for growth.
Post-investment support
We work to provide specialized support for optimal growth at each of our portfolio companies. We quickly identify budding troubles or issues and quickly take action.
We leverage our deep partnership with management teams and extensive global network to execute the right exit strategy to maximize corporate value.

Financial Instruments Business Operator (Type II Financial Instruments Firm and Investment Advisory & Agency business)

Registration number: Registered with Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments) No. 3025
Registered associations: Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association and Japan Investment Advisers Association

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